Website design for an online running community that requires users to register to use the forum and create a profile. The project included extensive user research and prototyping before the final website was developed. The entire design process can be viewed here.

Logo design for the Inspiring Safety Awards. This logo was used across many different media including:

  • use on the website
  • projected on a large screen
  • printed on certificates
  • printed onto branded ribbon
  • engraved on glass trophies.

I created this separate portfolio site to showcase my coding and web design skills. It was all created in a text editor using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and JQuery.

The project "Henry" included everything from ideas generation, extensive planning, script writing and storyboarding, production and post-production. The film is a short stop-motion piece based around 3-year-old Henry.

This website, with a substantial user research project to back it up, was hand-coded and included logo design and complete branding. The entire design process can be viewed here.

This interface was designed to have a completely different feel to my other works – it is specifically designed to appeal to young children, and be easy to navigate, as well as bright, colourful and playful.

Find me a recipe

This interface is based on the fundamental principles for friendly, inviting and easy-to-use design. It is for a recipe-sharing website, inspired by a traditional cookbook.

This interface, designed using Photoshop, was an exercise in clean, minimalist design. The current trend for flat design and this colour scheme is reflected in this work.

This Photoshop interface design was created for a ‘grunge’ rock band website. I focused on texture, atmosphere and digital design principles.

This is an app idea developed for android using AppInventor. It consists of a simple timer interface, that once set, effectively blocks the device for the intended period of time. This allows for a distraction-free amount of time for studying, sleeping etc. The prototype interface can be seen in the poster I designed to advertise this app, targeted primarily at students.

This interface design is a Photoshop mock-up for a classical group. The theme, logo and branding all reflect the group's style, and is designed to appeal to their specific target audience.

This group project was developed as a showcase for our design work. It includes HTML-based animation, and my logo and image design work created in Illustrator. Please note that the page takes a few moments to load.

This is a mock up for an app, designed to teach children about healthy and unhealthy food. The main focus of this project was ideas generation and development through creative processes. The final design was chosen to appeal to young children through use of colour, shape, easy interaction and humour. Click view more to see the whole design process in a series of blog posts.

I designed infographics and posters for Lattitude which are featured on their blog and other marketing material.